Firearm Safety


Basic Rules for Gun Handling


Every Firearm "is" loaded!


Always point the Muzzle in a safe direction; never point a firearm at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot.

Keep your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.

Keep the action open and the gun cleared until you are ready to use it.

Never rely on a mechanical device for safety.

Understand a firearm's operation before handling.

Be sure of your target and beyond.

Never pass a firearm to or from another person until the cylinder or action is open and you have personally checked that the weapon is completely cleared.

Additional Safety Rules Related to Your Firearm's Holster


Always use a holster which is designed for and fits your handgun.

Make sure your holster covers the trigger guard of your handgun, extra care must be taken when using holster styles that do not provide coverage of the trigger guard.

Use a holster which allows you to obtain a secure grip on your handgun while it is still holstered.

Be sure the thumb break, top strap or other retention device on your holster is functional and is consistently employed.

A good holster should retain your firearm during normal carry and routine physical activity, but, no holster can ensure that it will be secure against determined attempts at disarmament or keep a firearm secure during all possible physical activities.

A defensive carry firearm should be carried in a holster, handbag, fanny pack, brief case etc. specifically designed for the purpose.  Limited access or improper storage can lead to accidental discharge or may make it impossible to gain control of your firearm in an emergency.

Provided by KNJ(R) Manufacturer of Quality Holsters and other Fine Firearm Accessories

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